Blog: Seattle Sounders 2024 Kit Review

I got in to graphic design since I grew up creating new logos and uniforms for my favorite teams. I even created an imaginary football league with made up teams sporting my logos and designs. So it was always my goal to work as a designer for sports. For good or for bad my path didn’t go that way. Although I’ve been able to do various sports related designs over the years, working primarily in sports design never happened.

That being said, I still am quite interested in sports logos and uniforms and am more than happy to give my opinion on the matter. A few weeks ago the Seattle Sounders FC came out with a new uniform to go with their new logo that was unveiled a couple of months prior. As an inaugural, and continued, Seattle Sounders FC season ticket holder, the team and their look is close to my heart. While the new logo is solid, the new kit left me confused.

The team took what had been a classic, instantly recognizable (Rave Green) design and Frankensteined it into what they had hoped would be a good representation of their long history. Sadly I don’t think it works. The colors are washed out and are more suited for Easter candy. The stripes and outlines of the stripes create a jumbled mess that aren’t even suited for an 80s thrift store button up shirt. And their new logo, the improvement the brand has, fades and gets lost in the chaos. The look reminds me of two points one of my professors years ago said. First (outlined pinstripes in multiple colors), “Just because we have the technology to create something, doesn’t mean we should.” And secondly (losing the iconic Rave Green of the past 15 years), “Change for change’s sake isn’t a valid excuse for bad design.” Granted I haven’t seen them in action so hopefully the look in person will surprise me.

— Hovie Hawk

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