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Opened in 1998, Design Hovie Studios has operated out of both the USA and Italy and maintains clients from all over the world. The studio works with companies of all sizes but specializes in creating visual solutions for small to medium sized firms. Large, medium, small... design for all.

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Go-to Collaborator

Design Hovie Studios is my go-to collaborator for bringing standout brands to life with top-notch logos, brand standards, website layouts, and a wide range of high-quality collateral pieces. Over the years, we have partnered on dozens of creative projects for everything from nonprofits and B2B service providers to global portfolio companies. Hovie is an amazing collaborator—responsive, thoughtful, and strategic. Highly recommended! Catherine, Seattle


Hovie at Design Hovie Studios does outstanding work, whatever theme or design that may be. He has done numerous projects for us, from web page, to logo's, banners and so much more. I am sure you would be happen with anything that Hovie does. Robert, Washington

20 Years

I've worked with Hovie Studios for about twenty years now. There is nobody I trust more for graphic and design solutions. I've recommended him to just about every client I've ever worked with as well. He never ever disappoints and can improve the look and feel of just about anyone's work. When we first started working together, his work was so far ahead of everyone else, it was no competition and it continued through several other clients including my own needs. I still visit his website to see what's new and what he's doing next. I'm a huge fan and Hovie will always be my first choice. Tom, Missouri