Blog: Refine Or Reinvent Your Logo and Brand Design

When should you refine vs redesign your logo and brand design? That’s a question I’m asked often. There are a number of factors but, in general, after 30+ years in the business I lean toward refinement. In our throwaway society we too often just dump everything and start over. That, in spite of losing some nice visual elements and brand recognition.

Let’s say you’ve had a logo for 5 years. Maybe it was created by a non-designer friend who fit your zero budget back then and now, becoming successful, you are ready to spend on a brand new design. Whereas that may be necessary, you shouldn’t immediately trash the look when has been your identity as you became successful. That’s why I like to work with clients, dig deep into their identity, and see what works and what doesn’t. Is there something that “Suzy” created for you in 2018 that can be built upon? Do you or your clients have a special attachment to certain elements of the old logo? Can we refine that old logo so that it maintains its brand awareness while looking more polished and in keeping with where your company is today?

In the end you have to make the decision on refine vs redesign based on where your company is and where you want it to be. But too often clients want something new, trendy, and flashy just for it to be new, trendy, and flashy and not because it’s the best solution. That’s why as designers we need to put our egos aside, do the research, and provide our clients with the best recommendation when it comes to their brand. Maybe it is creating something brand new. Or maybe it is taking an old, outdated look and refining it, transforming it into a new, polished piece.

— Hovie Hawk

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