Blog: DesignRush Web Design Spotlight

I was recently honored to be included in an article by DesignRush on Web Design and Development Having designed websites since 1996 (yes they kind of existed back then) I have a long history with the web and creating sites. So it was nice to get to contribute to the article.

Obviously sites and the way we design them have changed dramatically since my first creation in Seattle in 1996. Back then we were happy to get one page show up and download in under a minute. Then later in the early 2000s when designing websites brought me to Milan, Italy to work with icons like Salvatore Ferragamo, Natuzzi, and Damiani we were enamored with Flash technology, music, movement but yet still we were happy with a 30 second page download. Over the next 10 or so years, back in Seattle designing for the likes of Microsoft and Macy’s we gradually moved to something more similar to what we have now with less Flash and more content that loads quickly. Fast forward to 2024, I’m creating lightning quick sites in tiny Livingston, Montana that are more robust than ever and download instantly. Who would have thought?

I look forward to the ever evolving world of websites and am happy when I can provide a bit or two of expertise from my nearly 30 year adventure with the medium.

— Hovie Hawk

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