Blog: Quality Graphic Design For All

What does it mean to design well for all? Well, I’ve had the great fortune to work with many types of clients over my 30+ year career in graphic design. From Ferragamo in Italy, to Microsoft and Boeing in the USA, to a small, local church in the middle of rural Montana. I’ve worked with budgets that were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, to a hundred dollars. And while bigger budgets can definitely help make a bigger visual splash with higher end materials and distribution, in the end the graphic design is graphic design.

Early on in my career I decided that regardless of the budget, I had to design to the best of my ability. Doing anything less wasn’t fair to to client or the craft. As a designer, I had to remove myself from the business side of things and treat each project equally. Now that may have caused a few interesting discussions between me and whomever was doing my books but it has worked out and allowed me to honestly enjoy what I do for a long time. I enjoy the design for the design not for the money.

So whether it’s for an international corporation or a local coffee stand, I strive to create the best graphic design solution for each individual situation. In doing so I hope I’m able to give that local coffee stand a design that can hold up to anything Starbucks has. Large, medium, or small, design well for all.

— Hovie Hawk

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